Our Latest Endeavor is Called “Beneath The Surface”

Our Latest Endeavor is Called “Beneath The Surface”

We discuss issues from A-Z that the church needs to address but are scared too.

For all women who have suffered pain and hard ship, possibly at the hands of another, We hope to help them re-gain their strength and determine their true purpose. Primarily we are focusing on the negative aspects and attempting eradicate them by severing the very roots from which they have sprang. We are able to do this by allowing and using positive energy built through our prayers, and using this as a spring board to gain strength to overcome any adversity or obstacle through prayer, faith, and wisdom.

Once we have undergone such tragic and sometimes traumatizing events, such as separation, or divorce, broken hearts, break ups or perhaps the loss of a loved one, these things can be the source of extreme hurt and pain. In some cases or situations, we have a tendency to intentionally hurt and frustrate another individual who, in most cases was not the cause of our hurt and pain. However, this individual because the object that we lash out at out of our bitterness and anger, Just as the saying goes, Those who are hurt, tend to hurt others. With these things in mind, we need to focus on the true source, or the roots where this all began.

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